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Different types of 4x4

There are various types and sizes of 4x4 vehicles on the market but I will just give you a brief overview on the main classes. This is where people are most uninformed which results in the wrong decisions.

You get three main classes:
1. Normal cars with four wheel drive or all wheel drive
2. What we call a “soft roader”
3. A real hardcore 4x4

Normal cars and station wagons with 4 wheel drive:

These cars normally has permanent 4 wheel drive or it will automatically engage the other two wheels as soon as the two driving wheels start to spin.

These cars where build for snow conditions in Canada and Europe. These are not off-road vehicles. They normally have low profile tyres and a low ground clearance. This can be anything from a Subaru Forester to an Audi TT Quatro. I doubt that anybody will take the TT off-road. You will get much better road holding performance from these cars than with a normal two wheel drive car. That is what the 4x4 is for.

Station wagons like the Subaru Forester and Mitsubishi Outlander might be good for some gravel road. They will even take you further in deep sand than a normal car but that is about it. Their ground clearance is not sufficient for major 4x4 work. Another problem is the low profile tyres. They will easily be damaged if you hit a rock and it will not have the desired effect when you deflate it in order to drive in sand.

You can use these type of vehicles if you travel on gravel road every now and then or if your drive-way is full of mud and sand.

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