Hilux 4x4



Soft roaders

Examples of soft roaders are Honda CRV, Land Rover Freelander, Nissan X-Trail and the Toyota RAV. They have bigger wheels than 4x4 cars and they have a bit more ground clearance. You can go more places in these vehicles. They are either permanent four wheel drive like the Toyota RAV, or temporary four wheel drive like the Honda CRV. The Honda CRV drives with its front wheels under normal circumstances. The moment that it detects that the front wheels are spinning it automatically engage the rear wheel drive system as well.

The biggest disadvantage of these vehicles is that it does not have a low range option and a diff lock. Even though it is a four wheel drive vehicle, you only need one wheel in the air and you are stuck. The vehicle will go no where.

The seating position is much higher than a normal car, so you can see what happens in front of you. It is much better for game viewing than a normal car. You can do some off roading with it, but that will be restricted to some sand driving and small obstacles.

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