Hilux 4x4



Some people make a huge fuss about people driving 4x4 vehicles but never use it off the tar road. Do not listen to those people because they are driving normal cars and do not know what they are talking about. The driving position of a 4x4 is much higher than that of a car. It is much saver because you can observe the road in front of you and in front of the vehicle in front of you much better. It is higher from the ground, have bigger wheels and is built stronger than a normal car. So in case of an emergency where you might have to leave the road to avoid an accident, the probability of damaging your vehicles is less than with a normal car.


A friend of mine drives a X-Trail. One evening on her way home from Hartebeespoortdam to Pretoria, squatters placed rocks in the road. Her son in-law was driving behind her with his Golf. As she came up the hill she saw the rocks in the road but could not avoid it. She went right over it and so did the car behind her. Because the X-Trail is high there was almost no damage to the vehicle and she could continue driving. The Golf was not that lucky, 500 metres further it came to a stand still because the rocks ripped of the sump and the engine seized.

If my friend was driving a normal car she would not have been that lucky. The model of the story is, do not worry if your friends call your 4x4 a shopping trolley because your 4x4 is a much saver vehicle than their "flatcars".
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