Hilux 4x4


Fully imported vehicles will mostly be expensive to maintain. The spares are expensive and you have to wait very long for some parts. This includes famous brands like Nissan, Kia, etc. If you want to buy a local brand, first find out if the vehicle has been build in South Africa or was it fully imported. Find out what spares like a fuel filter, air filter, fuel pump, clutch kit, water pump, radiator, radiator hoses, head light, tail light, bonnet, fender, etc will cost you and compare it with other brands. If you buy a new vehicle a service plan is a must. Spares for new vehicles became extremely expensive and in South Africa it is the biggest rip-off business you can think of. You might end up paying R5,000 just for a key.

What do you need the vehicles for

First of all. If money is not a problem, this report might not be for you. You can buy what you like and if you feel it is not good, sell it and buy something new.

This report is for the normal man on the street.

Before you buy a 4x4 vehicle you must first determine what you would like to do with it. Do you need it only to go shopping. Do you use it on a daily basis but go hiking or fishing on weekends, thus you need it to travel dirt roads or do you need it for real off-road adventures.

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