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Tierkloof 4x4 - Between Rawsonville and Worcester  

The Tierkloof 4x4 route between Rawsonville and Worcester is one of the most beautiful routes in the Western Cape.

The road is rather easy to do with some excitement every now and then. You will not break your 4x4 if do this one. Personally I would rate this route as a level 3 if you do not bypass the difficult areas. I doubt that you will make it without low range. The rocks are sharp so you do not want unnecessary wheel spin, thus a diff-lock is good but not essential.

The view on the route is absolutely beautiful. It is worth your while to do the route only to experience the view.

They also has a camping site with ablution facilities and hot water.

Tierkloof 4x4 route

If you are camping there and feel like getting some exercise you can also do the hiking trail in the same area as the 4x4 route. Your are allowed to have a picnic in the mountain but NO FIRES are allowed in the mountain.

Tierkloof 4x4 is right opposite the Brandvlei dam. So you can also bring your fishing gear or Kayak with to make the weekend an even more relaxing one. At this stage Tierkloof is allowed to offer their visitors the following at the dam:

  • Swim
  • Angling
  • Paddle Ski
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurf
  • Kite surf
  • Visitors to Tierkloof can now also launch their boats on the Tierkloof side of the dam. This still falls under the yacht club. So you obviously must have a skippers licence and pay a launching fee to the yacht club. You can get more info about the launching fee and so on from the owners of Tierkloof.


Camping at Tierkloof

All at your own risk.

It is only 8Km from Rawsonville and 10Km from Worcester.

Contact Mariana on 082-578-1853 or Willem on 076-782-3481