Hilux 4x4



First Western Cape Hilux4x4.co.za Club event at Tierkloof 4x4 - 12 Sept 2009

Hilux SFA conversion
  Swifty (front) and Wacky
Tierkloof view
  Swifty's great idea for the mudflap problem
Hiluxes at Tierkloof
Circle of friends  
What is going on there? Helping Coop Raider
Hilux at Tierkloof SFA Hilux
Swifty Wacky
IFS Hilux
Hentey The flag got lost
SFA Hilux at Tierkloof
King Rat King Rat
Vigo Hilux at Tierkloof
Wacky African Child
Kaspaas Wacky
Kaspaas Hilux
Kaspaas with blue tail Sewejaartjie
Hairy Beetle