Hilux 4x4



What to look for whe buying a 4x4

4x4 vehicle selection

Which 4x4 is the best 4x4 to buy? This question is frequently asked but there is no direct answer to the question. It all depends on what you will be using the vehicle for. Making the correct choice of 4x4 vehicle to buy is very important. Most of us have to finance a vehicle. If you make the wrong choice you will be stuck with the wrong choice for some time.

Some if the things to consider reliability, second hand value and availability of parts.

The internet is a wonderful source of data. The best way to find out how reliable a vehicle is, is to search for 4x4 forums and information on that type of vehicle. People love complaining and they like to make their problems with vehicles or dealers public.


The best way to determine the second hand value of your vehicle is to see what the vehicle costed new two or three years ago and then go to an online car sales web site and see what the same vehicle sells for now. It might be very attractive to buy one of the cheap brands today. Your premiums will be low and you will think you bought a bargain because the vehicle is way below the price of similar vehicles and it has the same features. You will only realize your loss 4 years from now when you want to trade in that vehicle.


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