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High Range 2WD
High Range 2WD
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Hi All ,

Please help I need your opinion. I’m shopping for a 4x4 Trailer . I have looked at Campmaster, the trailers at Makro vs Venter Trailer site.
I’m of the opinion (maybe incorrectly) that Venter would be better quality , also less chance of Rusting.
I’m looking at the Venter Savuti with Nosecone Priced R 31 677.73.
Then Campmaster make a 6 ft town and country 200 trailer for 15 999.00

For the huge price difference, is venter really worth the double the price ?
How do I justify spending 32K vs 16K

Ill be towing it with a Hilux 3.0 D4D 4x4 xtra cab

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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I've seen plenty rusted Venter trailers as well as rusted Campmasters. Maybe the Venter stands up to it a little better, but both are going to go the same way.

IMO Venter used to be a good quality product but the build quality is nowhere near where it used to be and you're paying extra for the name ...... not justified in my eyes. That being said, it's still the better trailer of the ywo and has some extras like the side hatch that will work as a fridge slider if you get a low enough fridge, but I think it's more for accessibility with ammo box packing. There's also the jerry can holders that the Campmaster doesn't have.

When all is said and done I guess it's going to depend on where, how and what for you need it, but it's still going to take a lot of justification to pay double for the Venter

Maybe it's just me, but for the same cost as the Venter, I would rather get the Campmaster and replace it after 8 or 10 yrs when the rust starts showing. If neither actually suit my needs and modifications are needed, I would rather get a registered 2nd hand unit that's already rusted (for cheap) and rebuild it from the ground up so as to suit my specs / needs.
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