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High Range 4WD
High Range 4WD
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I drive home every day facing the setting sun. My sun visors don't cut it, so I decided to install a window tint sunshade on my windshield. I had sunshades on my previous trucks installed professionally, and I hated the way they looked. Just like the truck in this forum's homepage, the shade was curved along the bottom instead of being straight. My '87 hilux was the same way.
1987 4x4 pickup.jpg
With a curved glass, the shade needs to be fitted to the glass to get a straight bottom line. I got some brown wrapping paper, and taped it to my truck
shade1.jpg (13.28 KiB) Viewed 1359 times
Then i traced an outline of the top of the front window, and cut the tracing out.
On my bench, I found the center of the tracing, and measured down 6.5 inches. I did the same thing 32 inches to either side of center. Then using a 108" steel CB whip antenna as a guide, I clamped it directly over the marks on the tracing, and scribed a line along the antenna.
I cut out the tracing, taped it to a piece of window tint, and cut the tint to size.
Installing the shade was easy, and the final result was exactly what I was looking for.
I thought I would post this just in case any of you guys want to give it a try

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Low Range 4WD
Low Range 4WD
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Thank you, James. Easy enough to do yourself
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LR4WD, Lockers, Crawler Gears
LR4WD, Lockers, Crawler Gears
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Good post thanks.
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Dowe Koos
LR4WD, Lockers, Crawler Gears
LR4WD, Lockers, Crawler Gears
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