Short in the windscreen wiper

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Windscreen Wiper keeps blowing the fuse - 2013 Hilux D/C - anyone had a similiar problem or any ideas on where to start looking.

Happens intermittently, obviously when it rains cause thats when I use the wipers!
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You have to remove and clean windscreen wiper motor.
Usually what happens, over time, there is so much dirt build-up in it, that it starts drawing a heavier current than it should.
If a thorough clean doesn't help, you will have to replace. Mine just needed a good clean and new ghries everywhere...
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Yip, what James says is true and usually the case. Also don't forget to lube the wiper bushes as well (where the wiper arms are attached). These also become dry, even corroded and offer a lot of resistance in such cases. :winkx:
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Take the motor out and open the gear mechanism.
Bend the far outer slide contact further outwards.
Reassemble and test. I found this to be the problem and the cause of the short. It's not very well designed and could have been manufactured to be further away from the central contact disc. Once it has worn over time the contact started touching the inner race.
Just repaired mine. Let's see how long it lasts...
Be carefull when bending the contact. If you snap it out, be ready to buy a new unit. :bye:
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