2011 SRX horrific fuel consumption

Discuss modifications on your new shape Hilux here. 2005 till current. Also called the Vigo in other countries.
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High Range 2WD
High Range 2WD
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Hey guys hoping someone can help point me in the right direction.

I bought a 2011 2.5 DC 4x4 and been fixing it up, it was not in bad condition at all just trying to get it as close to 100% mechanical as possible.

I drove 1000km the other day and at 120 I was getting 7.7km/l averaged out on 2 fillups. Then at 130 I was getting 7.1km/l also averaged on 2 fillups.

took the bakkie to the guy who did the mapping for previous owner and the Dyno showed all is good, took it to my mechanic and his diagnostic machine said injectors are fine but the Mass airflow sensor threw out some errors so we replaced that. Just filled up a full tank now and testing it again.

is there anything else that could contribute to such fuel consumption that I need to look at? I know at 120 I should be getting around 9km/l as a mate of mine with exact bakkie with same mapping is getting 9.8km/l.

I don’t have a Bullbar or anything that could be weighing it down. Only thing is the tyres which are 265/65/17 but even that should not bring the consumption that low.

any advice would be great
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