2015 SRX 4x4

Discuss modifications on your new shape Hilux here. 2005 till current. Also called the Vigo in other countries.
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HI everyone

Ive got the standard steel rims on my vehicle with 245/70/16 currently on(bought like that)
From my research it appears to be the acceptable move from the original size ?

Lately i have seen a number of SRX with new 17' rims on it, i believe they are 265/65/17
Would this also be suitable upgrade, need new tyres and there currently alot of these rims/tyres combos for sale

Pic of SRX with new Rims on
Screenshot_20180922-223305_Samsung Internet.jpg
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The bigger the rim, the smaller the tyre side-wall on the tyres you can fit without them fouling. That means the less you will be able to deflate your tyres for any kind of off-road driving especially in sand where the bigger footprint of a deflated tyre helps immensely.

My logic says why spend money on what is essentially a downgrade. :winkx:
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Try a site like https://www.errolstyres.co.za/odcalculator
Factors to take into account include:
- will the bigger wheels catch when you turn or at full articulation
- power loss(torque and acceleration) due to bigger and heavier tires
- fuel consumption
- road noise(wider tires more contact with the road)
- handling

I have bigger tires on my hilux and have learned to live with the advantages and disadvantages, but i feel that it is a personal choice.
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Hi Gavin,

I have a set of 16'' Hilux/Fortuner mags on my SRX. Straight swop but you will need different wheel nuts. And new Toyota ones are very expensive.
The usual sizes that Hilux/Fortuner comes fitted with would fit. Unless you go very large e.g. 235/85r16 that will not work with modifications/lifts/etc.

Remember to check the number of holes, spacing between holes and the rim offset

Oh, be carefull as a lot of the combos that you see for sale are nockoffs and not genuine Toyota.
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