How to replace rear door window on HiluxFortuner

Some useful articles on doing it yourself
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So I recently had my laptop stolen from my Fortuner. They broke the rear door window and helped themselves. (Note: The standard alarm does not have a motion sensor and will not sound if the door isnt opened)

The smash and grab tint kept the window in one piece but it was all shattered.

Anyways, getting to replacing the window.

It's actually a simple task if you know what to do, which I didnt initially. So to save others the head scratching here is a quick guide.

Start off by rolling the window down to the fully open position.

I'm not going to explain how to remove the door panel as thats simple, one screw in the inside door handle and another in the little cup thingy where you grab to close the door. Then just grab the bottom of the panel and pull to unfasten the clips.

Remove the plastic dust cover just where you need to. When removing the this I found it best to use a stanley knife and cut through that black putty/glue without damaging the plastic. Dont pull on the plastic as that will stretch it. Its said that this cant be reused once you remove it, but cutting through the putty/glue with the knife allows it to reseal 100% after as there is still glue on the plastic and on the door + the plastic does not get stretched.

On the pic, at 1, push the rubber and you see a screw on the outer frame of the door. Remove that. Careful, the head of that screw is unusually soft.

Then remove bolts 2 and 3. Once you have removed that rail be careful that the little 1/4 glass doesnt fall out. I used some tape to hold it in place, just in case.

Clean all the rubber tracks of any broken glass and vacuum the bits inside the door. You dont want that rattling inside in future.

Slide the window into place and slide the mechanism of the electric window arm into the rail at the bottom of the window.

Now its simply a matter of doing everything in reverse.

Hope this helps. :thumbup:
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Nice write up, thanks!


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