Driver competency certificate requirement?

Some useful articles on doing it yourself
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Jacques T
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After reading the November issue of WegRy, I noticed this new requirement to have a DCC in order to drive certain trails from next year on.
I could only find these articles: ... p?t=167460

Does anyone know more, or are these baseless allegations made by Safari Center to make money? (as quoted from a post in the second link)

Where would I be able to do such a course in Gauteng, and could Hilux4X4 members perhaps make a group booking and get some discount if this goes ahead?
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Jacques, ek het level 1 en 2 gedoen en ek glo enige verantwoordelike 4x4 eienaar behoort dit te doen. Probeer, vra vir Alan Goodway.

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We are working on a plan to make a group booking with an accredited trainer for next year. We will only post details on this once we have finalised the negotiations and a few dates.

But for the time being is that 99% of the guys who are going on about the new PROPOSED law believe that it will be almost all trais and reserves. This is not the case. It is ONLY sensitive areas which will be affected. Think of it this way. Say now the law comes in to play, a trail such as Hennops off-road trail will automatically jump their prices to lets say double the current price due to them needing to comply with the law. That will then be R500 per vehicle. Now how many people will be willing to pay that for the trail, fuel costs and so on as well as their accreditation.

I am sitting back and waiting to see what happens. I see no need to become all sycho about it as MOST of the guys are doing. Everyone want's to be in charge and blame the next.

That being said, I also feel it is an excellent idea to get some sort of training. :thumbup: I just don't like being told "You will get accredited training or else!!!" thus I tend to be against it 100%. Much like the E-toll crap!!!
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There is much upheaval in the whole NOW/ORCSA and NORS and DCC process at the moment, as some of the individuals who were involved wanted to shape things to their own advantage. Whatever happens, I am sure with the levels of public participation we see now, things can only work out for the better in the end. :thumbup: :thumbup:

Training is always good, whether a legal requirement or not. Will the guys who are busy planning this group-booking in Gauteng please contact me so that I can warn them against some pitfalls in the industry and point out the dodgy characters you must avoid. This is to ensure that my fellow club/forum members get nothing but the best training/service that is available. :thumbup: :thumbup:
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There are TWO reasons people damage trails (and their vehicles):

1) lack of training;

2) "Hou dop en watch die move" ....

The second group have and will always be in our midts .... :(

The first is EASY to overcome, VERY easy :)

I started with a couple of Andrew St Pierre White DVD's.
Andre from Safari 4x4 - some EXCELLENT advise there !!
Then a "training day" where "Shorty" on this forum took out a few newbies ...
Only later was I able to attend a formal 4x4 training day - EXCELLENT !!

The accreditation only followed later (for me). I have no objections to the accreditation. Just wishing for the day we can keep group TWO off trails ..... but thats like asking for honest politicians ... At least I did what I can to protect my vehicle, my family and the environment.
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