Gearbox G52 4Y 4X4 - Cape Town

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High Range 2WD
High Range 2WD
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Anybody recommend a place to fix 4Y gearbox in Cape Town. Not broken but making some noise that my boet reckons points to a potential failure sometime. Bit noisy in 1-3 and 5.
Else can anyone recommend doing it oneself?
Also anybody got the manual on the gearbox for a Hilux 88 4y 4x4 Box - presuming it is a G52? I searched a million links that all want a credit card number.. :laugh2:

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Monster Truck
Monster Truck
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Yes your right. It is a G52. If you are really handy and go pullers and a Hydrolic press yes you can do it.

Its complicated and one have to really as you strip take photos the right sequence.

If your not technical rather take it to a Gearbox repair shop

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High Range 4WD
High Range 4WD
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Afternoon Dave,

I have a few documents and repair manuals (specifically on the G52 box) I could send your way, however I must agree with Louis - if you are not technically minded, rather take it in to a decent repair shop.

As a mech myself I have done a box or two, it is not rocket science, but still has to be done right.

None the less, PM me your email address and I will forward to you and you can decide whether or not you want to tackle it yourself.

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LR 4WD Full Lockers
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Hi Dave

check out Engines for Africa website in Denver JHB
They advertise brand new box for R6950.00
may be worth while to fit one of these

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