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I need technical info regarding the URI 4x4 plse
It originated in Namibia and a manufacturing facility was established in Waltloo, Pretoria as part of Ivema (Pty) Ltd
Indications are that manufacturing of the vehicle (in the RSA at least) has been terminated?
Construction of the Uri is/was based on the Hilux SFA and we are presently operating a single vehicle with 15" wheels
We have access to a (large) number of 7.50R16 tyres and we are considering the possibility of running the vehicle on 16" wheels
The wheel arches/bays are quite big and might very well accommodate the bigger wheels?
Any SFA operating with 16" wheels out there?
Thank you
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16inch wheels should not be a problem, although it depends on the profile of the tire (width of the sidewalls)

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Depends on the offsset of the rims. If I am not mistaken if you try to fit Vigo rims on SFA the spokes catches the front calipers and you have to install wheel spacers.

Worth trying somebodies rim before you buy.

Yes, them Uries were SFA Hiluxes built with metal bodies. Chassis, engine, everything pure Hilux. Factory closed long ago. There was somebody else who tried the same thing but were not as good as the Uri. Uri's are legendary among the Nambian farmers.
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My buurman het 'n fabriek in Watloo gedeel met wat ek glo die Uri ouens is/was.

Ek sal by hom hoor....as dit dieselfde bende is as die waaraan ek dink, was dit maar 'n spul muishonde...
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The original Uri is a pipecar 2x4 built by Evert Smith in Aranos Namibia, on his farm which he still does. Probably mostly hilux parts. :D:

Later they built the Uri on Hilux under carriage. You donate the hilux or under carraige and they change into an Uri in Witvlei area. Not sure to what extent Evert was involve in that. To get tenders form SA Police etc. they moved to SA. The rest I dont know.
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Thank you all :thumbup:
The manufacturing facility at Waltloo seems to be non-existent (indications are that it closed down quite some time ago)
I understand that the Namibian facility is still up and running
I intend getting a set of 16" steel rims in order to try out the 7.50R16 tyres on the Uri
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