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Transfer Modes for Hilux4x4

By Eric

I thought it would be useful to copy the following from the Hilux Manual. Albeit from the 2700i 4x4 DC, it is applicable to the SFA models as well.

Maximum Speeds with 3RZ-FE (2700i) engine - "L4"

1st Gear - 16km/hr
2nd Gear - 30km/hr
3rd Gear - 47km/hr
4th Gear - 60km/hr

Maximum Speeds with 5L (3000 Diesel) engine - "L4"

1st Gear - 13km/hr
2nd Gear - 22km/hr
3rd Gear - 36km/hr
4th Gear - 52km/hr

Do not downshift if you are going faster than the maximum allowable speed for the next lower gear.

Be careful when downshifting on a slippery surface. Abrupt shifting could cause the vehicle to spin or skid out of control.


Use the Transfer Control Lever to select the following transfer modes:

"H2" (High Speed position, two-wheel drive):

LEVER at "H2"
Use this for normal driving on dry hard surfaced roads. This position gives greater economy, quietest ride and least wear.

"H4 (High Speed position, four-wheel drive):
LEVER at "H4"
Use this for normal driving on wet or icy covered roads. This position provides greater traction than two-wheel drive.

"N" (Neutral position):
LEVER at "N"
No power is delivered to the wheels. The vehicle must be stopped.

"L4" (Low Speed position, four-wheel drive):
LEVER at "L4"
Use this for maximum power and traction. Use "L4" for climbing or descending steep hills, off-road driving and hard pulling in sand or mud.

The four-wheel drive indicator light comes on when the "H4", "N" or "L4" mode is selected.

See "Shifting procedure" for further instructions.



To shift from "H2" to "H4", move the transfer control lever. Also remember to engage both the free-wheeling hubs.

Transfer from "H2" to "H4" can be done when the vehicle is stopped or moving straight ahead at speeds of 40Km/Hr or less. You need not depress the Clutch Pedal. If you have trouble shifting, depress or release the accelerator pedal for a moment while pushing the transfer control lever.

Do not move the transfer control lever if wheels are slipping or spinning before shifting.
Do not drive with only one hub engaged.

To shift from "H4" to "H2", simply move the front drive control lever. Also, remember to disengage both free-wheeling hubs for continued "H2" use.

The shifting from "H4" to "H2" can be done at any vehicle speed. You need not depress the clutch pedal.

If the indicator light does not go off when you shift the transfer into "H2", drive straight ahead while accelerating or decelerating, or drive in reverse.

The photo below is from my 1987 Hilux DC.


To engage the free-wheeling hubs, turn the centre disc to "LOCK" (on the front wheels)

To disengage, turn the centre disc to "FREE".

Setting the free-wheeling hubs in "FREE" disengages the front axle and driveshaft so that they are not revolving.

This reduces noise and wear when the vehicle is in two-wheel drive.

You should drive with the hubs in "LOCK" for at least 16km each month. This will assure that the front drive components are lubricated.

Here are some further notes printed on a card attached to the rear of the driver's sun visor:


1. Normal driving on dry, hard-surfaced roads, use "H2" position.

2. ADD (Automatic Disconnecting Differential) models "H2" -> "H4":
* Keep Vehicle speed below 80km/Hr
* In cold weather, if shifting is hard, reduce speed or stop the vehicle, then try to shift again.

3. Free-wheel hub models:
Before shifting to "H4" or "L4", always set both hubs at "Lock" position.

4. "H2" -> "H4": If the Indicator light does not go off, drive straight ahead while accelerating or decelerating, or drive in Reverse.

5. "H4" <--> "L4":

<Manual Transmission>
* Depress the Clutch Pedal.
* "H4" -> "L4": Stop the vehicle, or keep the vehicle speed below 8Km/Hr.

<Automatic Transmission>

* Stop the vehicle, then shift the transmission into "N" first.

6. 4WD Vehicle Emergency (Wrecker) Towing:
Refer to Owner's Manual or repair Manual for "Towing Information".

(This states that if the vehicle is towed, then the wheels which are connected to a Diff should always be lifted off the ground and placed on a trolley, i.e. the tyres can not rotate while being towed.

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