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How to Install a Snorkel on a Hilux

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Here is some photographs where I show how I installed an Airflow snorkel on my 1999 Hilux DC 2700i

To install the snorkel is easy if you have some technical skills. It is a risky task because if you screw up you would have to buy a new fender. So it is imprtant to relax and give yourself enough time, do not rush.

It is also important to read the instructions that came with the pack. I did not read mine. All went well but the bracket on the A-pilar is in the wrong position, because I did not read the instructions I did not know that there was a template for that part of the installation.

On the template they show what size the big hole for your snorkel must be. For my vehicle it was between 75 and 80mm.

Paint all the surfaces where you drilled holes with a proper metal primer to prevent rust.

I used that Bostik "Gasket Maker" to seal all joints. I find it to be a good quality silicon.

First I applied masking take to the fender in the area where the snorkel has to be installed. Apparently this help so that the drill bit does not run when you start to drill a hole and it will protect the paint work from burs scratching it.

snorkel fitment

The template that came in the back is printed on two A4 pages, I joined those pages and then cut out the top part on the curve which indicates the top of the fender.

airflow snorkel

I applied the template to the body with masking tape.

I then drilled 3 mm holes on all the places where holes must be drilled. I drilled these small pilot holes first because chances that the thin drill would slip is much smaller than when you try and drill with a larger diameter drill bit.

You will note that I first drilled the holes before I removed the fender. The instructions says that you have to remove the fender but I decided that the fender would be much more steady if it is still in place. Some of the other people who installed their own Snorkels reported that some of the markings on the template was not accurate and that it is better to make your own template.

With the fender on the car I driller the 86mm hole with a hole saw and also drilled the 8mm holes where the snorkel must be attached.

Then I used a half round file to file away all the burrs.

An here we go, ready to installed the snorkel

I used an ear but to carefully apply 2 layers of metal primer to all the drilled holes. On the inside I used a normal paint brush to paint the area where the holes were drilled.


If you follow the instructions and use the templates provided it should be straight forward to install the snorkel. I guess the hardest part must be the pain you feel when you drill that big hole in the body of your vehicle.

Airflow snorkel

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