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Overhauling a SFA Hilux Front Axle - Simon Morris

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Front axle 4x4

Photo showing how the rear seals get fitted, you cannot fit these seals with the swivel hub fitted, you have to fit them over the end of the axle, this is the round section, then fit the swivel hub housing, then you can fit the metal half moon backing plates

Sometimes the round axle end will be very rusted, you might find rust pit marks, use sandpaper and clean up the surface as best as you can, if you think that the pit marks are very deep, send me some pic's and I will let you know if you can still use this axle housing or not.

Fixing your front axle

Torquing the upper and lower swivel hub nuts.

Yeah this is a photo of me had had a busy day at work, repairing the trucks, thus this is why my clothes are looking rather tired and dirty, but this photo shows me hard at work on my Hilux, hey ladies are you looking for a handsome mechanic

Simon Morris

Ronny says that he does not carry a spare wheel in his 4x4, he carries a spare mechanic instead and that is me

When you remove the top and the bottom swivel hub bearing retaining blocks, you must make sure that you do not get the spacer plates mixed up, whatever you take out the bottom must go back in that way, the same goes for the top, these spacer shims are a special thickness to line up the side shaft in the housing, this was done by the factory when they re-assembled the front axle.

hilux front axle spares

Just some photo's showing the various parts that were stripped off and placed in separate trays for cleaning.

The brake parts, make sure that you do not loose the anti-rattle springs.

Brake pads for hilux

Axle end shown from various angles

front axle

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