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Build your own Riv Nut Tool - By Gert

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I bought a Stanley Rivet gun at P+P one Saturday at 12. Cost me R.99. went to the local hardware shop bought a 6mm cap screw. R. 6.50. Got home striped the normal clamping mechanism out of the rivet gun. Drill the hole to fit the cap screw and has crimped about 25 rivet nuts and still going strong.

Yes I can only crimp 6mm rivet nuts but that works fine for me.

Total cost R105.55

Saved R.445.

This is all the parts that I used.

a) The rivet gun
(b) Insert
(c) Cup screw
(d) Locking pin
(e) Spring

Start by removing the locking pin(d) by turning (wiggling) it and pushing it with a screw driver.

Once pin (d) is removed the insert and the spring should come out quit easy.

Remove the tip from the rivet gun shaft that is normally holding the rivet on the rivet gun. There should be thread inside to screw the different rivet seats on.

That tread should be drilled out with a 7mm drill bit. This will allow the cap screw to move freely through the shaft

Inside the Insert (b) there should also be a smaller insert that must be drilled to a 7mm size.

The locking pin should also be drilled to fit the Allen key to work the cap screw.

All that is left now is the assembly.

Take the 50mm x 6mm Cap screw and slide it into the tapper insert.

Slide them into the insert (b).

Slide that into the Rivet gun shaft.

The spring should follow next.

Finally fit the locking pin (d) to finish the modification.

All you have to do is find enough holes to fit rivet nuts to.

The rivet gun I used I bought from Pick and Pay.
It is a STANLEY 69-799

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