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Removing the door panels of your IFS Hilux -

Article and photos by Polarbear2008 aka Theunis Visser

Although not an everyday event, it may become necessary to access the inside of the doors on your IFS Hilux, either because something has broken and needs attention, or you might want to change the speakers that are located in the doors.

In my case, I wanted to change the dirt encrusted Panasonic stock speakers of my IFS Hilux, although the basics are the same, should you need to remove the door panels for whatever other reason. I set about it as follows:

Tools required:

1. #2 Philips screwdriver
2. #3 Philips screwdriver
3. small Flat screwdriver

For the sake of this document I will describe the driver’s door, although for the most part, all the doors work very much the same.

1. Park the IFS Hilux in a space where you can open the door fully (It helps if the area below the vehicle is clean and well lit) because should you drop something (or should something drop from the panel once removed, it will be easier to find.
2. Open the driver’s door and locate the left top (triangular in shape) corner of the door panel. About half way up there is a #2 Philips screw – remove this. Be careful not to mix this one with the one you will remove in the next step.

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