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Replace Side Shaft oil seal - rear right - By Andrew (aka Sifu-Lux)

Drain the rear diff oil.
Jack up vehicle, chock wheels, put axle stands under axle for safety.
Remove the wheel.
Undo the 4 nuts on the back of the drum that hold the assembly to the rear axle stub.
Disconnect the brake hydraulic line.
Disconnect the handbrake linkage.

Remove the old oil seal and the old o-ring on the stub.

Clean everything up thoroughly especially any mating surfaces.

Tap the new oil seal in with a suitable sized block of wood keeping it square to the axle.
Add a light wipe of silicone gasket sealer around the hub face and install a new o-ring in the groove.

Wipe the new oil seal with some clean diff oil.
Insert the sideshaft into the axle being careful not to damage the seal edge.
Refit everything and tighten up.
Lower the vehicle.
Refill the diff to correct level.

Thats it as far as I can remember. Hope it helps.

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