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Advertising Rates for Hilux4x4.co.za

Here is an outline of the advertising options available on the web site:

1. Banner Ads -

Banner ads are placed in the header of the forum pages. These banners will show each time a user or visitor opens any page in the web site. In Jan 2013 these banners were displayed a total of 995,901 times for the month. The web site received a total of 133,855visits and 3,363,377 hits in the same month. In March 2013 we had 8168 registered members.

The banners are in rotation in a group of 10 banner ad spaces of which only 7 spaces have been filled at the moment. The banner ad will cost you R500 per month. You must have a 728x90 banner for this page. If you do not have a banner I can create a basic banner for you at R300 each or if you pay for 12 months in advance I will do it for free.

2. Commercial Members

We do not mind if active forum members advertise personal goods they wish to sell on an ad hoc basis. But unfortunately some companies / businesses join as members and then use the forum as an advertising medium without contributing to the forum itself. Tthus we decided that all commercial advertisers must register as commercial members.

Such membership will cost R5,000.00 per year. In return your name will be included on the front page under the "sponsors" list and you will be allowed to advertise your products and services in the commercial section only of the web site. Even though you are a commercial member you will not be allowed to flood the forum with advertisements. The moderators will use their discretion and if they feel that you are flooding the forum with ads will issue you with a warning.

Once you cancel your yearly commercial membership all your ads will be removed.

R100 per year of each commercial membership will be donated to the Hilux4x4 Club. If the commercial member wishes to become an active member of the club we will apply that donation towards his yearly membership fee.

NOTE: We reserve the right to limit the number of commercial members who compete in the same field of expertise or sell similar products.

If you would like to make use of above offers please contact me at pietpetoors@gmail.com to arrange the setup of your ad.