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All Two radio equipment has to be licensed. In the case of the so-called “Licence-Free” products, ICASA has already approved these short-range radios for use by the general public, School sports events, parking attendants, etc.

As previously mentioned, some of the Clubs have already been allocated an operating licence for their members by ICASA, and should you wish to make use of their frequencies, you will have to contact the Club directly and apply for membership. They will allow you to use their frequencies subject to a small fee to cover their licencing costs. The Licence granted to the Clubs is exactly that: They will allow you to use this frequency as long as you are a member of the Club, but it is not transferable to you should you resign from the Club, and you may not operate any radio without an official licence (ICASA ruling). The fines are not small!

You may also apply for a private radio communications licence, but there is little sense in that if no-one else is on the same frequency as you. It therefore makes sense to join a Club and use their allocated frequency. If you live in a remote area, you may by all means apply for a private communications frequency, or, as already mentioned, form a local Club with other 4x4ers and apply for a frequency in your new Club’s name.

ICASA requests a Radio Communications Licence Application fee must first be paid to them before they will consider your Application. You are required to submit proof of payment along with your Application. They do not accept any form of payment directly at their premises.

Currently, the Application Fees are R290 for 29MHz AM Radio, and R620 for VHF, and then if granted, an Annual Licence renewal fee of R42.00 per radio applies. Should you apply in the name of a Club, these Application costs can be shared amongst the members.

In the case of a VHF frequency, you will receive a frequency which can be used within a 50Km radius of your home, or Base. You are not legally allowed to make use of the same frequency outside this area, unless you apply for a "Roving Frequency", which is the type of frequency that the larger Clubs would apply for. Roving frequencies require a minimum of 40 radios to be granted such a frequency, and the applicable annual licence fee becomes expensive for an individual.

The following pages is separated as per the requirements on the ICASA Application Form one “reply” per page. There is a degree of repetition, but the Form can be confusing. I am trying to simplify it as far as I reasonably can. Members are invited to PM me (Family_dog) for any additional help.

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