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Resizing your Images

The forum will not allow you to upload large images. You have to make your images smaller other wise you will get an error message.

Here is the easiest and fastest way to resize your images or pictures. What is nice about this feature is that you can resize multiple images.

Step 1

Download and install any one these programs:

Image Resizer for Windows

Download at

Step 2
After you installed the program on your computer, restart your computer

Step 3
Go to your image folder where the photograph/s you want to resize are.

Step 4
Now select the photograph or photographs which you want to resize. You can select more than one photograph and have them all resized at the same time. This saves a lot of time.

Step 5
Press the right button of your mouse (ie right click the selected images)

Step 6
The following window will pop up. Select the size you want to resize it to.
If you want to create a separate smaller file, then you can just select the smaller file size and press the OK button and a copy of each picture will be created. You are done and you can upload your files.

If you need a file size not listed in the above screen, click the "Advanced" button

Step 7

You can enter a custom image size. For general web photographs 500x375 is sufficient. The first image on this page is 500 Pixels wide and I am sure that you can see what you want to see.

If you do not want to keep your large photo on your PC and you want the program to overwrite it with the smaller version you can select the last option in the advanced screen.

854x480 or 800x600 will be perfect for the forum.

Just press OK and your pictures are ready to be uploaded.

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