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How to Reset a the Fuel Light on a Hilux

2 Methods described below to reset the fuel light on a Hilux:

Method 1

"With ignition off, unplug the top plug from the fuel filter housing, Start the vehicle and quickly put the plug back in. Light will go off after 3 sec. Job done. 10 seconds." - Chris

Method 2

I know this is a pain for many.
Just been to the dealer to have my fuel filter replaced as the light stayed on and did not flash.
Anyway, the sequence is as follows to reset the light.
Once the filter has been replaced and the wire plugs are loose,
1. replace the both wire plugs
2. switch ignition on, at this stage the fuel light will still be on.
3. remove the positive terminal from the battery and wait for 1 minute.
4. this resets the whole computer, gauges everything.
5. After 1 minute, replace the positive terminal.
6. switch on the ignition and the light will be off.
Hope this will help others who need to replace a filter while travelling in the bush. :thumbup:

According to the dealer, the light will come on and flash if the filter has water in it, and if the light stays on without flashing, the filter is dirty and needs to be replaced. the computer picks up that the there is a difference in the in and out pressure and activates the light.

I bought the vehicle second hand with 44000 on the clock and it has now got 48550km. the light came on during my trip to Lesotho and I had it changed this morning.
Normally I carry a spare fitler which is quite easy to replace, but I did not know how to reset the light. Now I know the sequence and will be carrying at least two spare filters when travelling long distance.

I will be replacing filters every 15000km seeing that it is no longer required by the dealer to change on service intervals, they only replace when the light comes on and I have not yet seen a dealership in the middle of the desert.

So know how to replace a filter and know how to reset the light.

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