Hilux 4x4




How to Reset a Hilux D4D T-Belt Light

You've replaced the belt with the corect long life belt, but the T-Belt light stays on

The T-Belt light will come on just past 150 000 km, whether you replaced the belt or not.

There is no sensor, the light is activated by a timer in the cluster

This is the correct way :think:
1. Switch ignition on and select "odo"
2. Switch ignition off
3. Press selector and hold for 5 seconds, don't let go
4. Switch ign. on and hold for another 10 seonds
5. Release selector, number 15 will apear
6. Press selector 15 times
7. Press and hold selector untill odo re-apears
8. Start vehicle, T-belt light is off :)

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