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How to fix your Hilux Aircon Compressor

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Hi Guys. Some might remember that a while back I asked if one could service / replace the aircon compressors bearings oneself. Well today I thought I'll find out for myself and.... yeas you can do some of them. In my case it is just the outer bearing that needed replacement and the shaft end bearing on the inside of the compressor is still fine. Unfortunately it is a specialised bearing and the spares shop don't carry them. SO I have to wait till tomorrow to pay Bearing man a visit.

The best part is I can / will be able to repair it without even having to replace the gas and oil as this is still all 100% sealed :) PS: If there is some of you that wonder if your systems gas and oil levels are fine, there is a quick and easy way to determine this. :)

If you look at these two pics, it shows the Receiver/Dryer unit on the Aircon. This unit as a sight / view glass. Here is how to check:
1) Start the engine and run the aircon on maximum for a few minutes.
2) Observe the flow of the refrigerant through the sight glass located at the top of the receiver/dryer.
3) If the system is operating correctly, the sight glass will be clear during the operation of the compressor. Bubbles may be seen when the compressor cycles on and off during operation and if the outside temperature is high, but a continuous stream of bubbles indicates that the refrigerant charge is low. IF the refrigerant charge is very low and the pressure switch inside the evaporator housing is functioning correctly the compressor will not engage. No bubbles or the presence of oil streaks in the sight glass indicate that the system is completely empty.

I took some pictures after removing the front part of the compressor and of the pulley housing the bearing I need to replace:

Hilux aircon compressor

If someone wants to know the code for the bearing: (40BGS35DST2)