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Fitting a Golf Carburetor in a Hilux - By Bennie Hurter (aka Benhur)

Herewith the adapter plate I had cut to fit beneath the Golf base adapter. It is 20mm thick

With the adapter (rubber foot fitted on top of it.)

I had to make my own gasket as it is non standard size.

Andries noticed in Lindsay's thread that my rubber foot thingie could not fit between the mounting bolts that turn into the manifold while his could. I made this one with countersink holes and fitted caps screws to get the fitment right.

This morning when I looked at the manifold I figured out why.

See the original holes welded shut and new holes made where the Webber fitted. So this manifold is not standard any more. So if Dawie shipped an adapter bracket from PE it would not have worked in anycase.

Some gasket maker to seal it properly

The holes were not threaded deep enough for the 40mm cap screws to turn in all the way so I had to tap them deeper.

The adapter properly secured

The carb's foot fitted

The new carb secured fit its 6x100 caps screws

The adapter to reposition the Golf air intake adapter, otherwise the pipe faced the firewall

Everything in place

The Webber had a choke cable already, that fitted nicely onto the new carb, but the accelerator cable is too short(I sommer extended it with a piece of wire temporally, but I will take it in to have a decent cable made up next week.

As soon as Dawie gets his new Electronic Dizzy, I will rewire that and wire up the new carb's Electronic Idle valve properly as I sommer wired it with temporally wires for now. I also will need to have a bush turned to help fit the rubber from the air cleaner a but tighter onto the pipe of the air intake adapter as it is bit loose now. The I also need some sort of reduction nipple for the breather pipe going to the tappet cover as the hole sizes does not match up, but that I will sort next week. She started fairly easy and idle nicely at 700RPM, but I haven't driven her yet.

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