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Draw Sliding System by Whitters

Can't take all the credit for this concept as I saw a picture of someone else’s draw system. Any pic 1 is the basic layout I designed according to dimensions. Pic 2 is of the wooden boards which cover the frame to form the new floor and Pic 3 is the frame I designed around my layout. I then printed a bunch of pic 3 and used this to calculate the number of connect-it pieces i needed as well as the amount of Al square tubing I needed as well as the lengths I needed to cut them into.

Ok, here are some pics of the frame. The 6 ammo cases fit into the draw, and the wooden boards fit above the frame. I'm not much of a welder and as i was working with aluminium welding was not an option, pic 4 shows a corner piecr of the frame. Pic 5 shows tha fraim in the bakkie and the last 2pic finished show the product

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It is really a easy project a night or 2 planning then sat morning running around getting equipment and you'll have it up and running by Sunday lunch.

I used 2x furnlock slides whith 100km load each.
on the front side of the draw I fitted a dead bolt for security.