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DIY Canopy for Hilux with steel frame and Aluminium Cladding

This article and canopy is the work of Jose da Silva. You can follow the discussion by clicking here

Ok seeing that I need to mount a RTT and unfortunately the canopy that came with the bakkie is useless for this purpose I decoded to give it a go at building one.

Sides have a 7 degree slant, just to give it a bit of shape.

On the top its not getting any more slats, those are close to each other so that the RTT can mount on those lats.

My first attempt at cladding ended up with me having fun with a 10 pound hammer, I made a mess but at least I felt better.

Ok basic canopy finnished and sort of ready for use this weekend?

Ok, had some spare time this weekend and so decided to give the Kitchen a go, here are a few pics just missing the Coffee mugs and the small Spice rack and of course a good varnishing.

Ok, Canopy is finally ready for its first adventure trip.

Under the carpet is a 60L water tank and a hidden storage space.

Finally the kitchen is complete.

Last pic is the drawer syetem installed.

Ok here we go with the costs to build the canopy, this is for the basic canopy.

Steel R 800.00
Aluminium R 2522.00
Hinges x9 R 400.00
Locks R 970.00
Door Rubbers R 500.00
Gas shocks R 360.00
Odds&Ends R 500.00 ( Grinding disks/welding rods/pop rivits/silicone etc)
Powder Coating R 450.00

Total R 6502.00

Jose da Silva

Jun 2009