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Diff-Lock modification on new Hilux (Vigo)

This article was writen by tacogrande on the Toyota Nation Forum

Note that the Tacoma and the new Hilux Vigo in South Africa is the same thing.

Problem: On TRD offroad models traction control and the locking rear differential can't be on at the same time, and unless the locker is engaged or you are in 4wd ABS, VSC, and TRAC are always on. I hear the newer models have a vsc off switch like the FJ, but my 05 doesn't have that option. It is my understanding nobody can turn off the trac in 2HI, or keep it on in 4lo locked.

FIX: This mod gives you more traction when you need it, and at the flip of a switch allows you to disable the traction control, Vehicle stability control, and anti-lock brakes so in slippery,loose off-road conditions you can get where you are going without having the computer cut the throttle. The TRD model FJ and all of the newer FJ's all have the option to have ATRAC and the locker on simultaneously, why not us too?

1) Pop your hood and look for the blue wire with the yellow stripe (looks whitish in the pic). It will be the fifth one from the firewall in the middle row on the connector next to your brake fluid res. Peel back the factory tape and cut the wire. 

Disable Hilux traction control

2) On the CONNECTOR side of the wire strip the wire back and connect to about a 4' length of similar sized wire and run that wire through the rubber grommet in the firewall into the cab. It helps to remove the kick panel to fish it out, but you don't have to. 

Disable Hilux traction control

3) Hook up that wire to a SPDT (single pole, double throw) switch to the common pole (PIN 2 in pic). In the normally closed position find the other pole that has continuity with the common pole, and hook up a 12V wire to it(PIN 1 in pic). I used the fusebox as a power source, but as long as it's hot when the key is on and not when the key is off it'll do. Edit: don't get power from anything involving the brakes, fyi some weird shit happens when towing if you do. 

4) Hook up a ground wire to the other pole,(pin 3 in pic) turn your key on and test it out. 

THEORY: The blue wire with the yellow stripe is from the locker indicator switch in the rear diff. It runs from the rear end, to the 4WD ECU, through the gauge cluster, and finally into the ABS ECU under the hood. All we're doing here is isolating the signal to the ABS ECU, so everything else functions like normal, we're just controlling when the ABS ECU gets the signal, fooling it into operating when the locker is engaged. 

Benefits: The ATRAC works by applying brake pressure to the wheel that is slipping transferring power to the tire that has grip, hopefully pulling you over/through the obstacle. Sometimes the locking rear diff isn't enough, like in off camber situations when one front and one rear tire are in the air, in that situation, only ONE rear tire is getting power, and that sucks. 
There are times when you don't want the computer doing things for you, like when descending steep hills in loose terrain where traction is limited. In that situation the ABS will NOT slow you down, and that sucks. This mod fixes both of those issues without spending $500 on a front locker. Plus, with the traction control off, you can do some gnarly burn outs. One tire fires are cool, lol.

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