Hilux 4x4



Overlanding Checklist by Harold Churchil

CHECK LIST (Long Trip - out of country)

Detailed list of equipment, description, number, value of:-
vehicle, cameras, lenses, binoculars, fridge, food, spares and sundry equipment, etc, as this may be required by customs.


Passport Visas Vaccination certificates

Carnet or triptyque Vehicle papers International drivers licence

Cash Credit cards Medical insurance

Reference from Bank Passport photographs COMESA (3rd party insurance)

Travelers cheques/foreign currency LED headlamp + batteries

Receipts of bookings made Telephone list & useful names and addresses

(Have certified copies made of most of the above and keep separately.)


Maps Note book & pen Binoculars

Sunglasses Spare reading glasses Sheath/pocket knife

Catapult & marbles Calculator Maps/compass

Hats Fishing gear Small gifts

Batteries immobiliser/alarm Cell phone & charger Lap top / ipod

Reference books (bird/animal/trees, etc + bird/animal check lists)

Spare keys for vehicle, padlocks, etc

Reference books (bird/animal/trees, etc + bird/animal check lists)


Cameras & lenses Film / Video tapes Memory card

Spare batteries (camera/flash) Lens cleaner & tissue Tripod

Window tripod/bean bag Video battery charger Lens filters

Basic Toiletries:

Toilet paper Towels Face cloth Soap/shampoo

Hand & face cream Suntan lotion Wet-ones Lip ice

Toothbrush/paste Brush/Comb Vaseline Foot powder

Spare tooth brush Tampons Toilet paper Dental floss

Nail clippers Shaving kit


Consulate a Doctor for Anti-biotic and other prescription medicines.

Sun block Antiseptic gauze Malaria Tablets Insect repellant

Anti-allergy First aid book Antiseptic cream Eye drops

Bandages Satures Scissors Cough mixture

Immodium Chamberlins Enos Corenza-C

M-chrome Cotton wool Savlon (TCP) Vicks

Vaseline Tweezers Needle/thread Plasters

Roll Elastoplast Latex disposable gloves Lip ice Antihistamine cream/tablets

Injection syringe/needles Head ache & muscular tablets (Disprin, Bezenol)

Broad spectrum antibiotics


Water filter & purification tablets

Water (50lt + pump) Shower fitting Porta potty

Engel fridge Gas cooker(s) Gas bottles (full)

Sleeping bags & pillows Folding chairs Rope & stretchies
Shade cloth Water bottle Thermos flask

Glass stands Torch & batteries Duckboard

Cold box & ice bags Spade Axe/small bow saw

Camp table 25lt Steel drum Neon light

Electric extension cord Adapter plug Matches/lighter

Fire lighters Gas bottles Spare gas jet & jet cleaner

Spare gas washers / mantels News papers Rubbish/refuse/litter bags

Dust brush Fire extinguisher(s) Mosquito coils

Max/Min thermometer Refuse bags (heavy duty) Clothes pegs

Bath plug Tent/pegs/poles/guy ropes Tail gate table


Milton: for disinfectant of vegetables, drinking water, etc

Tea box with tea, coffee, sugar, mugs, T-spoon


Paper towels Paper plates Gas box & plates

Pot set & pan Bucket with lid 20lt Chopping board

Dish towels Table net Plastic bags & food bags

Can/bottle opener Kitchen & bread knife Spoon & ladle

Braai fork & tongs Delfoot / Braai grid Potato peeler

Detergent Washing powder Pot scourers
Dust brush Folding canvas dish washer

MOTOR SPARES: Depends on the make & type of vehicle you have.

Ensure that all tyres are new.

Fit chevrons & safety triangles. Get ‘ZA’ display.

Battery charger Vehicle workshop & parts manual

FUEL: 5 J-cans Siphon pipe Sand ladders (best use belting)

Hi-lift jack Fire extinguisher Jack & wheel spanner

Spare tyre & tubes Tube valves Tyre pump & gauge

Puncture repair kit Tyre levers x 2 Aerosol tyre sealer x 3

Radiator hoses Hose clamps Globes (head /tail lights)

Spare fuses HT leads & LT wire Spare battery

Spark plugs Jump lead (heavy duty) Length electric flex

Cable ties Crocodile clips x 4 Insulation tape

250ml battery H2O Multi meter Test light (12 v)

Fan belts Fuel filters Air filter

Plug spanner Q20 oil Silicon spray

Quick start Grease + grease gun Hammer & punch

Hacksaw Set sockets/spanners Shift spanner

Vice grip Feeler gauge Hand drill & bits

Fencing pliers & wire Flat file (large & small) D-shackle

Long nosed pliers Side cutters Screwdrivers

Masking tape (broad) Epoxy steel glue Contact adhesive

Pres-stick Tow-rope Waste cloth

Plug steel wool Square sand paper Few pieces of flat iron

Padlock for tailgate Gasket maker / Gun gum Spare shock absorbers

Shock rubbers/washers

Engine / gear box / steering box / diff oil /brake fluid + suitable funnel

Assortment of nuts/washers/bolts and self tapping screws

Everyone always takes far too much, especially the ladies.
Take a few coat hangers

As the trip is for a long period it is impossible to carry all we need for that time.

At some stage we will have to rely on what we can get locally.

Snacks for travelling: rusks, ginger biscuits, sweets, biltong, etc

MEAT: (enquire about ‘Foot & Mouth’ restrictions with regard transport of meat.)

(Total quantity depends on freezing facilities)

Mince 125 grams per adult/meal

Stew 150 "

Wors 175 "

Steak 200 "


Salt/pepper sugar Aeromat, herbs & spices chutney

cooking oil/olive oil butter marmalade, jams & spreads cheeses

mayonnaise tomato sauce tobasco rice / smash

mealie meal spaghetti matzos / crispy bread / crackers orange juice etc

bread flour baking powder yeast tea/coffee cremora

milk powder condensed milk drinking chocolate gerkins

dehydrated vegies dried fruit dried beans breakfast serials

soup powders & sauces

Tinned food:

peas beans whole tomatoes sweetcorn spaghetti

baked beans tuna pilchards sardine bully beef

sausages other meat fruit mealie bread ham

Fresh fruit & vegetables (the following are long lasting):

Apples, oranges, lemons, kiwi fruit.

Butternut, cabbage, carrots, gem squash, onions, potatoes & sweet potatoes.