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Below are articles writen by some of our members. If you have an interresting article to add, please email me at pieter (at) hilux4x4.co.za.

Categories: Engine related | engine mods | chassis and drivetrain | brakes | body and cosmetic | electronics and gadgets | other Hilux related | build your own | travel related | computer and Internet

Engine Related
4Y Vacuum hose setup - By Scooter
Aircon Compressor - By Caskru
Alternator mod - alternator not charging enough - CasKru
Change the diesel filter on your new Hilux (Vigo) - unknown
D4D T-Belt light Reset - Hoppy
How to reset the fuel light on a Hilux - Basil
Engine codes - Bennie Hurter  
Engine differences 2.7 pre-facelift & Facelift models - Willem Grimsell
Head Gasket replacement on 4Y - Snipes
Spark Plugs - Willem Grimsell
Tensioner Pulley - replace bearing - Pieter Pretorius
Toyota 7M-GE Engine Details by 7MGTE
Replace Timing Chain and Tensioner for 22R Toyota Hilux 2.4 by CasKru
3RZ - 2,7 Hilux Misfire - Plug Leads - Pieter Pretorius
Waterpump and timing belt replacement on 3.0 D4D- by Marnus
Engine Mods
Fuel Injection conversion for 2.4 Hilux (22R engine) - Benhur
Fuel Injection conversion for 4Y - Zane
Fitting a Golf Carburetor on a Hilux - Bennie Hurter
Lexus Ombouing in SFA Hilux - Johan Terblanche
Chassis and Drive Train Related - Lockers, etc
SFA vs IFS - Benhur
4x4 Axle configurations - Bennie Hurter
Diff-lock modification on 2.7 Hilux - PietPetoors
Diff-Lock modification on new Hilux (Vigo) - Kevin Knight
Disable Traction Control on new Hilux (Vigo)
Fitting Marlin Crawlers to your Hilux - Simon Morris 
Front Axle SFA Hilux - correct and support saddles - Louis Zanoli
Overhauling Hilux front Axle - Simon Morris
Replace the diff oil of your Hilux - Pieter Pretorius
Replace Side Shaft oil seal - rear right - By Andrew (aka Sifu-Lux)
Dual Transfer Case for SFA Hilux - By Andrew (aka Sifu-Lux)
Front Axle rebuild and body lift - By Andrew (aka Sifu-Lux)
Diff Ratios
Hilux Gear Box Models
Easy DIY Fix On Rear Brakes - Bennie Hurter
Hand Brake Fix on SFA - LeeBoy
Rear Brake Overhaul - Richard Everatt
Body and Cosmetic
Door Panel - Removing the door panels of your IFS Hilux - Theunis Visser
Fuel Tank Repair - Simon Morris
Install a snorkel - Pieter Pretorius
Replacing Hilux bench seats with Honda Luxline single seats - By Scotty
Towbar Mod for IFS Hilux - Pieter Pretorius
Electronics and Gadgets
Fit VHF radio to IFS Hilux - Pieter Pretorius
Modify Head Lights to only switch on with ignition - Pieter Pretorius
Wiring spot lights - Bennie Hurter
Two way radios HF or VHF? - Eric Skeen
LED Dome light installation - Pieter Pretorius
Light in Canopy - Pieter Pretorius
How to cut and solder LED Strip - Pieter Pretorius
Silencing the rattling high lift jack - Pieter Pretorius
Other Hilux Related
The history of Toyota Hilux in South Africa - Chris Prinsloo
Why a snorkel - Pieter Pretorius
Which 4x4 to choose - Pieter Pretorius
Which Hilux to choose - Pieter Pretorius

Build your own

Aluminium Canopy - Pieter Pretorius
Aluminium Canopy - Okkie van Wyk
Canopy with steel frame and Aluminium cladding - Jose da Silva
Build your own off-road trailer - Pieter Pretorius
Build you own bumber - Reinhardt
Draw Sliding System by Whitters
Drawer System - Jose da Silva
Lights On Reminder by Gert
My Dual Battery Installation by Chris Prinsloo
Portable Press - Pieter Pretorius

Other Vehicles

Tazz Head Light Conversion - Pieter

Travel Related

Overlanding check list - Harold Churchil
Advise to the new 4x4 campers - Harold Churchil
Off-road Trail ratings -

Computer, Photographs and Internet

Easily resize your photographs - Pieter Pretorius
Rename mutiple files - Pieter Pretorius

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