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DIY Aluminium Canopy

This article and canopy is the work of Okkie van Wyk. You can follow the discussion by clicking here

Here is the start of my aluminum canopy.
I toke some photos and will post them as we go along .

Ok I decided to go with the soft lines for the shape instead of the more square approach.
And asked a friend of mine whom is a specialist in aluminum to help with the design, and building. We made a template for the front and rear and for the roof part we used a 1.5m X 2.3m checker plate 3mm thick. The side doors will be cut out and a door sill welded in for the doors , same with the rear door that will be a half door. The roof part was rolled in a plate-roller to the correct shape and the front and rear will be welded to it. There is no frame as the roof and side panels are made out of one plate. Door cut outs are used to make the doors and the roof part will be strengthened with 3 aluminum channels. I got the same locks and hinges that Pieter and Niel used on their canopies

Here are some photos of the start and the canopy tacked together so long. Will post some more as the project takes shape.

Okay as promised here is an update on the progress
The side and rear doors were cut in today

The door frames and door sides were cut and bent
The front end (Cab side) is cut at an angle to close the gap between the cab and the canopy

Now the door frames and door sides need to be cut to size and then the big weld starts
Will keep you up to date