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Overhauling the Rear Brake Cylinder - SFA Hilux

This article and drawer system is the work of Richard Everatt. You can follow the discussion by clicking here

I found that I had a major hydraulic fluid leak after this weekend's Trail must have been lead footed SWAMBO , looking at the fluid sprayed on the inside of the rear right tyre; it was the evidently the Rear Right Brake Cylinder Seals.

The answer - to strip and install a Seals Kit; Moto or Euro Parts Code: P 832 (Generic)

The procedure was pretty straight forward, I tried to document it well given that I didn't do peekchaz when I replaced the shoes last month.

Shoes off and Cylinder Stri

Cylinder Stripped

Seal Kits

Piston, Spring and Seals

Pistons and Push Rods

More Corrosion on Downfacing Cylinder

New Seals and Pistons In with Silicone

New Dust Covers on

Cleaning Shoes and Components

Shoes In

Shoe Retaining Springs On

Springs on Shoe Assembly

Lower Springs and Tensioner Assembly

The ONLY tools and equipment required

Tools Used:

1. Long Nose pliers - essential for holiding shoe retaining clips, tensioning springs, removing pencil spring etc...
2. Flat Scredriver - in assisting long nose and levering springs and shoes into position, adjusting tensioner etc..
3. 10mm Open Ended Spanner - to open bleed screw
4. paint brush - for cleaning
5. Clean Green - more enviro friendly and less caustic than engine degreaser
6. Paint tray - for catching dirty cleaning fluid/haudraulic fluid etc.. and soaking parts
7. Symphoming device- consisting of 5mm clear tube attached to brake line submerged in tin od spent fluid
8. Silicone Spray - for seating new seals and coating internal springs after assembly
9. Replacement Dot4 Hydraulic Fluid (500ml)
10. Cat (Optional)

Time taken: Approx 1 and 1/2 hrs per wheel.

By Richard Everatt