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4y Fuel Injection

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OK here it goes, a few piccies of how the bits and pieces are starting to look.

1st 1 is of how it looked when it arrived. The rest is how how it's looking now along with the ZEX hp pump and the old Dicktator harness.

I have just ordered the new harness as I feel it'll be neater and easier to work with.

And a huge thanks to all the guys on this Forum who have helped me in getting this far :thumbup:

Not long now and I'll be fitting it all, will post more pics as it happens.


OK a little update,

Below is my swirl pot being tig welded, it'll be cleaned once pressure tested and painted so as to look all tidy and neat.

I'll post some more piccies a little later/tomoz once I have all the brackets and fixings done.

I have also just recieved my EMU back from Dicktator aswell as a new harness.

Abit more, here is a piccie of the positioning of the surge tank.

It's attached to the LP fuel filter bracket, along with an additional bracket to the wheel well.

I'm going to fill her the weekend and test the brackets once the weight of the fuel is there as it can hold a litre of fuel. If need be, I'll add additional suppports to ensure a safe and sturdy pot.

As it's placed, it allows for easy access to all areas and also allows for neat/tidy routing of the fuel lines to where required.

PS.. I'ts still work in progress, this was taken while mocking up for the brackets, so please don't shoot me yet as I promise it'll look alot neater when finished :shifty:

4y EFI

Again I got a tad more time to get some things done.

I sprayed and mounted the surge tank and then decided to mount the HP pump and filter.

Afterwards, decided heck with it, and decided to start running the fuel lines I could and then the wiring as my new harness had arrived, defi worth getting the new harness as it is so much easier to work with and quicker.

So a few piccies, I can't go further, till I remove the carb and inlet and start mounting the EFI manifold so this should hopefully be done the weekend.

Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection


Ok so I started on Friday 25th with the fitment of all, within an hour, I hit the first snag.

My exhaust manifold is the 1 with a huge hole in it for the intake heater bank, at this point after a few words, which I won't place here, I decided to pack up.

Toyota Hilux 4y Fuel Injection

Saturday came and at 5:30 I was on the go doing the family responsibilities until places opened so I could source an Inyati exhaust manifold.

After a tonne of calls and alot of driving around, I managed to get 1 with a few broken studs but Yippee I had 1.

I then finally got back home shortly after 12, I then proceeded to to clean the new manifold and put new studs in, Gotta love easy outs :thumbup:

Toyota Hilux 4y Fuel Injection

Toyota Hilux 4y Fuel Injection

Upon trying to remove my exhaust from the existing manifold, I discovered that the ............ who worked on it before I baught it, had welded on the nuts, probs due to them being stripped.

Well 2 hours later and alot of pain, due to working in that little space with grinders and hammers, I managed to remove all. And time to Braai as family arrived.

Toyota Hilux 4y Fuel Injection

Sunday morning, started shortly after 8am again and things took shape quickly, by 2 o' clock I was testing all the sensors and TPS to ensure I had all correctly wired before fitting the final components.

Toyota Hilux 4y Fuel Injection

Toyota Hilux 4y Fuel Injection

Only probs I had here, is that Vista on my laptop doesn't want to accept my usb to serial adaptor and I needed a different laptop with XP on.

By 4pm I started her for the first time, didn't run here long as I had n't fitted the exhaust back yet.

Monday, fitted the exhaust, and double checked all piping ect....

Time now for the truth, after battling awhile to get her to start and idle, it was found that the dicktator was reading my RPM's at 133,000 WOW alot of playing and testing and no joy, then came the hundreds of phone calls to various good men from the forum :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: tryied all the given suggestions but still no joy.

Finally spoke to Chris from Dicktator, he in turn gave me a few options to go with, the 1 I ended up taking was to remove the dissy and send it up to him to test and setup as it appears the system needs better filtering of the signal. This left last night and should be by him today.

Verdict, I now await the return of the Dizzy and then hopefully after a tad more work and fidling, I am a proud owner of a 2.2 EFI Lux :D


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