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Welcome to The Home of The Hilux

The Toyota is a true Legend and probably the most robust and sought after 4x4 in the market.

We created this web site for fellow Hilux owners to learn more about their vehicles, meet like minded Hilux owners and most of all have fun.

How to join?

The Hilux Forum is to FREE to join, To join the forum click here . If you are already a member you can login on the login page.

We also have a Hilux4x4.co.za Club which will cost you R160.00 per year to join. This is not compulsory but

Toyota Hilux

Club members do get more benefits than normal free members. You will find more information about the club on the Club's web site

What you will find on the Forum?

On the forum you will find discussion by members about various topics like:

When you visit the forum you will note that in general this is a meeting place (a new way of life for some) where you can make friends, share stories and ideas and just have fun.

How to find your way?

Once you joined the forum and you land on the main page of the forum you will se various categories where discussions take place.Using these categories you can browse your way to the discussions.

There are so many discussions that you can easily get lost. The best way to stay up to date is to look at the top left of the screen and look for the "active topics" link. That is the link that will show the latest active discussions.

How to make your first post?

This is really easy. From the main forum page navigate to the relevant category where you would like to start a new topic to discuss. When you are in the correct category you will see a button near the top left of the screen called "New Topic" . Just hit that button. If you are logged in you can now give your topic a subject and write the content. The content can be a question you need to ask or it can be something you share. Remember there are no such thing like a "stupid question" The button looks like this: Hilux new topic

If you are reading a existing discussion and would like to contribute, just look for the "Post Reply" button near the top left of the screen. Click that button and say your say. The button looks like this: Hilux reply

The Hilux:

There are basically four models of Hiluxes available in South Africa:

  • The Pre-1978 Hilux
  • 1979-late 1998 Hilux (also called the SFA Hilux)
  • Late 1998 - 2005 Hilux (Also called the IFS Hilux)
  • 2005 till date (Also called The "New" Hilux , Vigo or Gen 6 Hilux)

Which Hilux is suitable for you?

If you ever wondered which Hilux to choose you should read this article (click here) . What is good for one guy (or girl) is not necessarily good for the next guy. Some of us need a 4x4 to conquer adrenalin rushing obstacles and the next guy just need a comfortable and reliable Hilux to tour the country and every now and then cross a river. So there is no need that you get a robust, bumpy old Hilux if you nether going to use its abilities.

The old solid front axle (SFA) Toyota Hilux is one of the best off-road vehicles ever built. The Toyota Hilux is one of the most reliable and capable off-road vehicles around. It is reliable and robust and remain one of the top choices for the serious off-roader.

On this web site you will find more information about the Toyota Hilux. This web site is not only about the old SFA Hilux or 4x4 Hiluxes but about all Hilux models.

In South Africa Toyota stopped production of the SFA Hiluxes more than twenty years ago and still they are well sought after. If you can find one in a good condition, you will pay much more than the current quoted book value for it. The Hilux is most probably the best buy for your money.


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In other countries the Toyota Hilux is also known as the Toyota Tacoma.

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